This Blog’s New Home and Direction

a street sign with Home and an arrow on it, with green grass and a blue sky

Greetings World,

As just about everyone will notice after the fact, I’ve moved the location of this blog. It used to be at, and this will come as no surprise to you to learn that now, it is here:

Here’s why the change:

1. Saves me $10 a year on the domain.
2. As you may know, I don’t enjoy writing all that much, and so having two sites seems like it would take too much time regularly adding content to both.
3. I intend to take the blog in a wider direction.

Why not just start with a blog here instead of Well, I had thoughts about doing more with that domain. For one I had incorporated a company once under the adverb Virtuously, so makes sense to get that site. And I thought about having a spot for people of varied interest and skills to gather against the tide of specialization. I also thought about using it for a Virtual Reality arcade/rental operation that I haven’t made happen. As well as a personal blog about trying to live life virtuously.

( I’m starting to wonder if I should get rid of it again now that I’m thinking of all the things I could use it for again)

I’m also not too worried about the domain getting taken, so I could come back with it or something similar. It is only a .org, and I’m not quite an org.

I guess maybe it’s the $10 🙂

a street sign with Home and an arrow on it,  with green grass and a blue sky

This image doesn’t need a caption.

And Finally, The New Direction

Originally, I had done some research on adwords/adsense showing that financial terms had high cpc, however I hadn’t made a blog since the old days. Now of course the ads are dynamic and follow you around as you search the web.

Therefore, I’ll finish up with many of the drafts I have on economic concepts, but then write about whatever suits my fancy. I suspect it will be wide ranging, sometimes a researched article, sometimes a lazy personal diary.

Onward Ho!

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