Making Money From Recycling

Recycle Sign made with US Dollars

“I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money. –Pablo Picasso”


Money in recycling sign

Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle. There are 4.

There are a good many ways to earn some money in this world. And a good many more out of this world as well.  One of my personal favorites is recycling, because it blends the worthwhile beauty of environmentalism and the thrill of the find. Over the next few weeks or so I’ll be showing you some ways that I am recycling to make money.

“Pecunium non olet”  a latin phrase meaning “money has no odor”, (or does not stink).  It was the reply  of Roman Emperor Vespasian to his son Titus concerning a tax to use the pooper.  We’ve heard one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Well, It’s true. You may follow along and I’ll share with you how I personally go about recycling for money.  You can pick up on ways to generate some extra cash, with tools and tips to save you time.

There is also a strong feeling that occurs because there is a desire to save all the recyclables in the world. It’s sort of like how I imagine an archeologist feels. All those lost scrolls and texts, gone to the highway construction. Or That language of native Amazonian people, gone through deforestation. There’s all this gold, copper, aluminum, etc.. out there heading to the wrong destination.  Working Electronics, Furniture,  Food even, gone to take up space in landfills. We must free it! Liberate it’s usefulness. Monetize it’s misunderstood value.

Free word of advice: Never pay for cardboard boxes. That’s crazy.

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